Boating School

from by Worthikids



Pat to Sponge, do you read? Over

Loud and clear, bowed in fear
Worried I'll scurry into third gear

Think clear, you've got thought-steerer Pat at the wheel

I'll try but my feet fly when sleet slides at the starting line
My mind's brined with anxiety slime

Hear the chime, diiing
That's the sign to seep deep breaths into your cheeks 'n chest

Got your apple ready?

Shined and picked fresh from the vine
I mean tree

Here she comes now get ready!
Remember Sponge, slow your lunge
Act next, think before
We've rehearsed, now, what's first on her board?


No! Start the boat!


Now put it in drive, keep an eye on the teach and peacefully glide
Go for it

Floor it?

NOO! Big toe! Remember buddy, I'm up in your globe
Just keep an ear up here and we're good to go

Big toe?

Big toe

Big toe

Big toe


from Bikini Bottom, released June 24, 2017



all rights reserved



Hi I'm Ian! (you can call me Worthi though if you want!!) and this is my personal bandcamp.
I write/record music for the heck of it and I hope you enjoy some stuff!

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